Gotta Start Somewhere

Open for businessToday I am officially opening this blog. I have always wanted one and now I have one. After reading all the text out there about how a blog can help your business, together with my husband and team member, I am starting this one. Its kind of overwhelming the number of tips on a successful blog, and while I am going to try and remember all of them, ultimately I won’t hit them all. I am just going to keep in mind all of the things that make me like blogs and try to work those in to this blog here.

So, I know you’re asking, what are you going to talk about here? Well, we are a clever company doing clever things. As a crafty person I am always surprised by how much all of the beautiful wedding and event details costs. Luckily, many of them are easy to recreate for an affordable price. That’s the main thing we are going to talk about here. Clever projects for the home, yard, party, and everything else.

Me and my husband are spending this year decorating our new home and landscaping our yard. After years of enviously scanning Houzz and Apartment Therapy photos of immaculately decorated homes, I think we are ready to give it a try. We need pictures, some furniture, and all of the other little decorating details that take a house from nice to wow! Our landscaping goals are just as lofty. We are going to overhaul our boring yard and make it modern and beautiful.

As we chronicle our ups and downs I hope we touch someone, somewhere.

Thanks! And here we go…


Ethiopia R.

A founding member of the The Clever Co.

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