DIY How To Hand Emboss Wedding Envelopes

emboss-1 For our first clever project tutorial, we wanted to start with something simple that makes a big impact. Since here at theCleverCo. we are all about ‘Work Smarter, Not Harder’. If you are in the process of pricing your wedding invitation suite you will have no doubt found out that printed envelopes can be a bit pricey. And that’s for regular printing, with no neon punch.

Your wedding envelope is the first thing your guests see when they receive their invite. Gone are the days when the outer invitation envelope had to be cream with careful gold lettering. The modern bride is taking their color scheme throughout the wedding from the bridesmaids dresses to the invitation collection, and even the envelope. Since there are so many color combinations out there embossing is a great technique that pretty much allows any color to be stamped on almost any color. The possible color combinations would only otherwise be possible with letterpress or litho printing.

So what does it take to emboss an envelope? Not much actually. An address stamp, ink pad, embossing powder,heat gun,  and of course envelopes of your choice.


Custom rubber address stamps are everywhere and a great investment. Use them on your wedding invites, thank you notes, and then on your future correspondence. It’s almost fun to pay bills when you have a cool return address stamp. We have one in our store of course, and I also love this one and this one from ETSY. There are two types of rubber stamps, clear and rubber. The main benefit for a clear one is that it allows you to see through for a more exacting placement. For addresses a cheaper rubber stamp is usually fine.


Most ink pads allow for use with embossing powder but we like ColorBox ink pads, they come in a huge variety of colors and has a slow drying time, for about $5 bucks, both Michael’s and Hobby Lobby carry them.


Their are also several brands of embossing powder, my favorite is Zing, it comes in the most delicous colors and has a great opaque finish.  I really have no preference on heat guns, I have used them all basically and found them all to produce about the same results.

Embossing Powder

So for about $40 you are ready to emboss 200+ envelopes. The ink and embossing powder last forever. Seriously, I have done about 200 with my favorite neon pink powder and its not even close to being empty.


How to emboss an envelope for your wedding.

How to emboss an envelope for your wedding.

The simple directions.

  1. Lay out your envelopes, as many as you can in one layer
  2. Stamp all of them with your inkpad
  3. Carefully pour your embossing poweder over the still wet stamped paper. (You can then pour the leftover powder on to the next envelope or back into the container)
  4. With your heat gun at a 45degree angle and about 5-6 inches away from the envelope, slowly pass the heat gun back and forth until the powder melts solid.
  5. Let them cool down and cure for 2- 3 minutes before stacking them together.
  6. Tah dah!


All done. I just love the color possibilities. This technique can be used anywhere in a wedding’s decoration. Table cards, menus, or favors. Another fun suggestion is to get a larger stamp and decorate the envelope.

Stay tuned for other clever ways to decorate your envelope.